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              Now you have a chance to do some real DX in an HOA ! 

                                                                             Tired of NOT hearing some real DX ? 

Want an antenna that actually hears DX ?

Tired of being told you can't have an antenna in your HOA ?

                                                               Want an antenna that gives 1:1 SWR without a tuner ?

                                      TEQMAR A
ntenna Products


      The TEQMAR 600X is a super design vertical antenna with a small footprint and stealthy look.
      Just 9 feet tall, super slim design, portable on a tri-pod and just 2 or 3 feet off the ground.


80 through 6 meters...including WARC, MARS, marine...3.5 through 54 Mhz.

600 watts PEP, 500 CW.
Rugged design, made to handle rough conditions and weather.
Two jumpers select any band...easy to set up.
Only two counterpoises needed for good DX.
1:1 SWR obtainable on every band.  NO TUNER NEEDED !
Great for portable operations and Field Day.

Technical description:

I've been a ham for right at 62 years.  Experimented with many antennas
and I guess I overlooked the simple vertical antenna.  I have found that
a vertical works very well if you really understand how they work.  A
loading coil works very well to shorten the overall length and is used a
lot on lower HF bands.  The real essence to great performance is in the
radials, not to be confused with counterpoises.  Radials are fine if you have
the space to use them.  I have found that there is not a lot of information on
counterpoises.  The TEQMAR 600X uses only two counterpoises.  They are
elevated 2 to 3 feet off the ground.  The two counterpoises are 180 degrees
apart and a maximum of 17 feet each.  Using 50 foot tape measures to measure
the exact length needed to obtain 1:1 SWR on each band works nicely.  After
measurements for each band, wire and a switch(s) can be permanently substituted
for each band in the counterpoises.  No need to adjust the vertical radiator. 
Two jumpers work together to select the proper inductance versus capacitance for
the configuration.  Obtaining resonance is the best way to use the antenna, both
for transmitting and also receiving.  An antenna tuner is not needed and 1:1 SWR
is achieved.
The antenna does have some directional characteristics.  Experience has demonstrated
that stronger signals seem to favor the extended direction of the counterpoises.
The radiation pattern seems to emulate a close together figure eight with good signal
quality perpendicular to the counterpoises also.  I'm sure two more counterpoises
would be benificial, perpendicular to the primary ones, but doesn't seem to be
necessary for great QSO's.  

A great amount of testing has been performed and with the antenna is a complete chart
for jumper settings and counterpoise lengths so only fine tuning may be needed for
your area.
The TEQMAR 600X is HOA friendly in that it is removable, not a permanent structure, 
barely noticable, and does not offend anyone.  For best performance, running a few
hundred watts on SSB and CW seems to jump into the mini pile-ups and be heard.
A fun way to do DX for sure.

Pricing for the TEQMAR 600X is $365.00 and includes:
TEQMAR 600X Loading coil
The Tripod
The lower vertical radiator
The upper vertical radiator
35 feet of coated wire.
Jumper settings and counterpoise lengths
MFJ 1:1 current balun is not included.